LA’s Sunset And Dine

Last night I was very happy to attend the 7th Annual Sunset And Dine event in Los Angeles. This was my first time attending so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but a lot of traffic on the way there and back home. I was pleasantly surprised that the traffic there and back was actually not that bad and parking on the street was a breeze. 

We had the best weather for the event since it was outside and some great food as well. All the restaurants participating were all located within 3 city blocks. I entered Columbia Square at 6pm (lower level), received a bracelet saying I was 21 and was immediately greeted and hand a slice of pizza from a place called Delicious Pizza. And it was delicious. Their crust was thin like a New York Slice, soft and chewy (which is what I like) and was a tad bit sweet kind of like bagel dough. So yummy!


After enjoying my pizza I spotted a longtime McKay High School survivor like myself there. We chatted for just a minute and then I was off to eat and drink more things. I ventured over to the Sculpterra Winery table for a little taste of their Primitivo which is their light red wine. Of course I briefly visited the McDonald’s table for an iced vanilla coffee, oatmeal cookies and a yogurt parfait. I thought it was hilarious that out of all these food vendors McDonald’s was there, but people do like familiar and no matter what people say McDonald’s is a guilty pleasure that everyone enjoys now and then.


One of my favorites was a place called Urban Masala. They dished up masala chicken with pickled onions, masala potatoes and a mango smoothie which I thought brought it all together. Before I headed up stairs to the upper level I won a little plush toy that funny enough changed from a panda to a dragon for my dog from Dave and Busters. For those of you that have never been to a Dave and Busters the best way I can describe it is a Chuck E Cheese for Adults.


As I walked up the stairs to the upper level I didn’t realize how many other participating restaurants were there. Bibibop Asian Grill served adorable litttle samples of their bibibop which had beef, chicken, kale, corn, carrots, sesame seeds and their amazing yum yum sauce on top. I was amazed they could pack so much flavor and ingredients into such a tiny little cup, but they did.


Duidough Cafe + Cookie Lab served a vegetable panini, salad and a fantastic brown sugar cookie.


As more people started arriving and I was losing my beautiful natural light to photograph the food I started losing track of which places I was eating from. One of my favorite things there was a Kumiai Oyster with cucumber mignonette, smoked salmon chantilly and a beet boba pearl from Paley Hollywood. Funny that this was one of my favorites since last time I had an oyster I ended up in the ER with food poisoning. Obviously didn’t skew my view of oysters though.


I grabbed a bag of chocolate chip cookies which reminded me of the cookies I had in The Philippines but smaller. They use big discs of chocolate in their cookies. Mmmm… so good! And to balance the sweet they added a little savory by serving their spicy meatball.


I continued aimlessly walking around tasting veggie tacos from Lotaria Grill and chewy chocolate brownie bites from CB Bistro.


I will have to say that my absolute favorite were the sweet glazed pork shanks from Wood and Vine. If I hadn’t already eaten so much I probably would have gone back multiple times. It was fall of the bone tender and just melted in your mouth with all that amazing flavor from the glaze. I wish I had some right now!


As the night was coming to an end and I was not able to eat anymore I finished my night with fried tofu in a sweet sauce from Banh Oui and some fried chicken that was being prepared and fried there from Soul Restaurant and Bar.


I made my way home happy and full and very grateful for the invite to attend. I look forward to next year and encourage anyone if they can or live in the area to keep an eye open for when tickets go on sale next year.


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